Friday, March 13, 2009

Today was beautiful. I heard at one point it was around 63 F. I haven't heard what the forecast is for the weekend but I do hope there is sunshine involved.
Not a lot going on right now. I decided to hold off on the trip to London. I really wanted to go and London is a fun (but spendy town.) I have been eating away at my vacation time (also known as PTO or Paid Time Off) since it has been slow. Leaving early a couple of times during the week. I don't have enough PTO to take off for as long as I would like (2.5 weeks.) It seems silly to go over for any less time, considering the costs ($ and environmentally and physical wear and tear.) For now I am content working on some artsy projects, watching Torchwood, the very last bit of Angel, gearing up for the fencing class (I am so excited) and thinking of taking tap. The garden needs my attention and I have a stack of books to read. Life (at this moment) is pretty darn good.


Lisa said...

Yesterday was beautiful up here too. I got some yard work done and planted two plum trees. Too bad the rain is back for awhile. :(

Aly The Red-Bliss Monkey Studio said...

I have been totally wanting to go to London! I have a friend there who wants me to visit..... it's been so long since my last trip. sounds really fun.

What do you want to do there? What's your fav?