Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Devotchka, James Marsters and Elvis Costello, random pictures and bit of rambling nattering.

Listening to a bunch of random stuff this afternoon like Big Country. Ooh, now it's Ring of Fire...think I'm gonna skip Johnny for now and move on to Van the man, Morrison-Brown eyed girl...I got into the fencing class! It starts on the 31st. Tues and Thursdays. Oh yeah, I am really psyched. ACK! Jezebel by Iron and Wine- a bit too dark...Onto Style Council...oh yeah. Back in high school.
I don't scrapbook and normally I turn my nose up at "ready made" elements like a lot of the scrapbooking stuff for sale. I do however have a thing for paper and I do go through the bargain racks at the local craft store. This Deco-ish paper caught my eye.
Cozy little corner on a gray day.
The finishing touches going on the mushrooms to be sent out.


Angelina said...

fencing as in sword fighting? I did that for a few semesters and LOVED it! Such good exercise but with honor and the goal of "killing" someone, very strange for peace loving gals like me and you but very satisfying too.

Tonia said...

I know, odd about the "killing" aspect. Strange, huh? The historical aspect and the honor appeals to me.