Thursday, March 4, 2010


I am home today, recovering from a massive headache/cold/?*&^%. I've had a huge headache since Tuesday, nothing really knocking it out. I then started to have a runny nose and some body aches all accompanied by a monthly visit from "Aunt Flo."
I was up most of last night and called in today. I have managed to sleep for awhile and a really hot shower helped the sinuses a bit.
My camera batteries (rechargeable ones) aren't working so I have no new pictures to share. Instead, I offer you some random ones taken in October, I think. The ferns on the trees are from my walk at work. The remnants of a large hazelnut and walnut orchard dot the area surrounding where I work. The garden pictures are to show off the usually muddy but now chipped walkway in the back yard. Nary a muddy boot this winter!
I am taking another drawing class starting next week AND a class from Beverly Soasey It is mixed media:collage and assemblage class. I am really excited as I have admired her work for several years!
I have a piece that I just finished last Sunday that I am pretty happy with. I really need to get the battery situation sorted out for my camera.
Our cat, Skitty is at the vet's office today. Please think good thoughts for him. He had blood in his urine last night and this morning. He is one scrappy cat. When Jack called the vet this morning, Dr Jones could not believe that Skitty had not been in for 5 years. He has some lasting injuries from when he was hit by a car. He lost a leg and his tail and he can't urinate on his own. Jack has for the last 8? 9? years "expressed" his bladder twice a day. It isn't as strange as it sounds, well it really is and I won't go into too many details. Let's just say it is a testament to Jack's compassion and love for this cat that Skitty has done so well for so long. At the time of the injury we had no way of knowing about the bladder issue. The swelling and broken leg and tail took center stage. At first the no peeing wasn't a problem, rather it was that he leaked urine but once the healing process began it became apparent that he wasn't peeing enough. At that point the vet presented us with the method of expressing him. Having him put to sleep then would've been like murder. He was getting around on three logs and chasing the other cats and shredding his furry mice catnip toys with his remaining back leg. *****Skitty is home from the vet and is doing well. He was a bit dehydrated, but kidney functions are good. He is on some antibiotics for a slight infection.
It is strange to think that it has been almost a year since we had to have Sibella put to sleep. It doesn't seem possible that a year has already gone by without my furry girl. It certainly hasn't been without tears. I miss her and her sweet ways.