Sunday, October 31, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Eugene Celebration Parade And A Very Tall Sunflower

Click on the pictures to enlarge. The celebration has been going on since 1983. I started going when I worked downtown at a coffee shop in probably 89 or 90. Back then the event was free to get into and really fun. (Perhaps I was more fun back then too.) I haven't paid to get in for several years. The parade is free and well worth the walk to downtown.

10 feet in the sky!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A renovated bed. It had an arch with hop vines overgrowing it. I pulled the vines out and I put in some blueberry shrubs and some of the purples and pink colors I love.
New Keens, purchased with birthday money.
42 year old me. New and improved! Dairy and egg free as well as meat free.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Weekend!

I love how cheery these are.

I like this picture. It seems orderly and tidy. It isn't really, I like that it looks like it is though.

Last year I planted an insane number of tomato plants (like 20+), all sizes and types. When it came time to process them (all at once, of course) it was too bloody hot. I ended up roasting a bunch and freezing them and giving away the excess. This year I thought I would be smart, not plant so many and just the smaller grape and sugar lump varieties. I had some volunteer plants from last year's seeds crop up everywhere in the yard. I kept a few, mainly out of curiosity. When I was in Master Gardener training years ago, I was told volunteer tomato seedlings never really do much. Really? I certainly have not found that to be the case. The ones I kept have been as prolific as this year's plantings. I did move them to this year's tomato garden early on and kept them apart so I could compare. I didn't do a very good job of staking the plants and it is a year I will do a better job.....

A few blooms from the garden.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

An Airing Out

My grandmother would tell my grandfather every so often that she needed "an airing out". He'd pull their motorhome out and they'd throw some supplies in and away they would go. In an attempt to clear out some cobwebs in my head we headed out to Florence (about 70 or so miles away.) Once in Florence we headed north and ended up at Heceta Head beach. It was pretty spur of the moment and very low key. It didn't totally clear out the cobwebs, but I feel better for it.

Friday, August 20, 2010

A little bit of everything...

I like the light at this time of year.
Normally these shelves are cluttered with knickknacks. I need a calm spot to focus on these days...

Plums! Lots of them! Tasty but small.

Inside the compost bin...Not just one! At least one or two smaller ones. Since the chickens are gone, I have found myself going out to the bin just to check on the snakes. (I am not really a reptile person in general.) I worry and wonder about them. Sad, I know. I see you shaking your heads in disbelief. I do not feel all warm and fuzzy about them but do find them interesting.

Frida, on the shower curtain rail. I found a really great home for her. She has a buddy that is about her age and they sleep indoors with their people! I miss my hens terribly but after Buffy was murdered my heart just wasn't in it. Frida's people have sent updates and photos and could not be nicer.

A favorite vase that belonged to my grandmother. All of the flowers were from my garden. The lilies were amazing this year!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

random pictures

I took this picture with the hope that I could show an improved view by the end of Summer of this area in the back yard. We shall see.

Earl, the squirrel

I miss her so much.

Elderberry "Black Beauty" in the garden

This picture is for Blaize. She had requested a recent picture of Skitty the three legged wonder cat.

Before Yesterday...

Before the events of yesterday I had intended on introducing the new chick in town, Frida. She is a Cochin with some Frizzle. She was to be Buffy's companion after Betsy was murdered. Now, I am not sure if Frida will stay or go. If she stays she will be living in a maximum security coop and run. The racoon is hopefully going to be live trapped and shipped off to Siberia or possibly some place closer. Frida is, at the moment, making her self very comfortable on a rug in the living room. She is flighty but sweet and has taken to sleeping in a pet carrier rather well. If it wouldn't solidify my reputation as the crazy chicken lady I would consider keeping her in as a house chicken. I did have a house rabbit for 8 years.
I have come to the conclusion that death sucks. I am still processing the whole thing and keep coming back to that thought.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Goodbye Buffy

My muppet baby, Buffy, was murdered by a racoon today in broad daylight. I am broken hearted. She was the best little chicken.
This sucks so fucking much.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Goodbye Betsy McGoo

Yesterday the unthinkable happened. I went out to lock up the chickens and found Betsy's lifeless body in the paws of a raccoon. I scared off the raccoon (screamed, shouted obscenities and threw anything I could at it) and gathered up the remains. She is now buried near Sibella in the flower and herb garden. She was a very good chicken.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I am home today, recovering from a massive headache/cold/?*&^%. I've had a huge headache since Tuesday, nothing really knocking it out. I then started to have a runny nose and some body aches all accompanied by a monthly visit from "Aunt Flo."
I was up most of last night and called in today. I have managed to sleep for awhile and a really hot shower helped the sinuses a bit.
My camera batteries (rechargeable ones) aren't working so I have no new pictures to share. Instead, I offer you some random ones taken in October, I think. The ferns on the trees are from my walk at work. The remnants of a large hazelnut and walnut orchard dot the area surrounding where I work. The garden pictures are to show off the usually muddy but now chipped walkway in the back yard. Nary a muddy boot this winter!
I am taking another drawing class starting next week AND a class from Beverly Soasey It is mixed media:collage and assemblage class. I am really excited as I have admired her work for several years!
I have a piece that I just finished last Sunday that I am pretty happy with. I really need to get the battery situation sorted out for my camera.
Our cat, Skitty is at the vet's office today. Please think good thoughts for him. He had blood in his urine last night and this morning. He is one scrappy cat. When Jack called the vet this morning, Dr Jones could not believe that Skitty had not been in for 5 years. He has some lasting injuries from when he was hit by a car. He lost a leg and his tail and he can't urinate on his own. Jack has for the last 8? 9? years "expressed" his bladder twice a day. It isn't as strange as it sounds, well it really is and I won't go into too many details. Let's just say it is a testament to Jack's compassion and love for this cat that Skitty has done so well for so long. At the time of the injury we had no way of knowing about the bladder issue. The swelling and broken leg and tail took center stage. At first the no peeing wasn't a problem, rather it was that he leaked urine but once the healing process began it became apparent that he wasn't peeing enough. At that point the vet presented us with the method of expressing him. Having him put to sleep then would've been like murder. He was getting around on three logs and chasing the other cats and shredding his furry mice catnip toys with his remaining back leg. *****Skitty is home from the vet and is doing well. He was a bit dehydrated, but kidney functions are good. He is on some antibiotics for a slight infection.
It is strange to think that it has been almost a year since we had to have Sibella put to sleep. It doesn't seem possible that a year has already gone by without my furry girl. It certainly hasn't been without tears. I miss her and her sweet ways.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pretty Pleased With Myself...

I started this post more than month ago. Today's date is Feb 27. My Mom's birthday. Happy Birthday, Linda!!!
The sweater was for a friend of mine. I am very happy with how it turned out. Starting it and finishing prompted me to finish the pink sweater I posted about over a year ago. It turned out ok. My camera is not cooperating so no pictures for that one. I am knitting some socks and have a few more sweaters in mind.
Absolutely gorgeous day here in Eugene today. Last weekend rocked as well. I have been inside most of the day trying to organize the craft room. I have some projects that need to see the light of day. I hope you all are enjoying your weekend!