Sunday, June 27, 2010

random pictures

I took this picture with the hope that I could show an improved view by the end of Summer of this area in the back yard. We shall see.

Earl, the squirrel

I miss her so much.

Elderberry "Black Beauty" in the garden

This picture is for Blaize. She had requested a recent picture of Skitty the three legged wonder cat.

Before Yesterday...

Before the events of yesterday I had intended on introducing the new chick in town, Frida. She is a Cochin with some Frizzle. She was to be Buffy's companion after Betsy was murdered. Now, I am not sure if Frida will stay or go. If she stays she will be living in a maximum security coop and run. The racoon is hopefully going to be live trapped and shipped off to Siberia or possibly some place closer. Frida is, at the moment, making her self very comfortable on a rug in the living room. She is flighty but sweet and has taken to sleeping in a pet carrier rather well. If it wouldn't solidify my reputation as the crazy chicken lady I would consider keeping her in as a house chicken. I did have a house rabbit for 8 years.
I have come to the conclusion that death sucks. I am still processing the whole thing and keep coming back to that thought.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Goodbye Buffy

My muppet baby, Buffy, was murdered by a racoon today in broad daylight. I am broken hearted. She was the best little chicken.
This sucks so fucking much.