Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Autumn oranges

I repurposed a yard sale necklace into some earrings.
Some fall time mini bouquets


Jenn said...

You pictures are great. You said you were a begginner but they look great! How do you post them? I use picassa and it takes a lot of steps to get them on the blog. The blog and picassa are both from google so you would think it would be easier. How do you do it?

Tonia said...

OK, so this is where the beginner will become apparent. I don't know what picassa is. When I post a picture I go to the new post section of my blog. The one that has the file like tabs that say Postings, Settings and Layout. In the postings one it has a line for title and below that it has icons for spell check, then a picture and then the word preview. I click on the picture icon and it goes to a page where it says "add an image from your computer" and choose file. I click on that and then it takes me to my different picture files. I scroll down and click on the pics I want to use. I totally had to guess how to do this. I use a Mac. I am not sure if it is different with a PC. I haven't touched any pictures up yet. I just take lots of pictures and hope for the best! I hope this answers your question. I really have been a technophobe for a very long time. I wanted to start a blog to help me get over that. So far it has been baby steps all the way. Thanks for stopping by! -tonia

Aly The Red-Bliss Monkey Studio said...

I'm really enjoying your photos... and the doughnuts made me drool. Just a little.


Lisa said...

Tonia-I use a PC and add pictures to my posts the same way you do.

I love the orange pictures! The donuts look very tasty too.