Sunday, November 9, 2008

Random stuff

Favorite magazine: British Country Living kicks the US Country Living's butt.
Number one (and only) chicken:Betsy McGoo. Love, love, love this chicken!
I could probably spend a month at the Victoria and Albert museum in London. It is amazing.

I am in a blue mood, but The Who just came up on my playlist and you know you just can't be in a funk when Squeezebox is playing. Actually, I can imagine if you hate the Who you could be in foul mood, but whatever. If you notice to the right on the blog there are new links. One of them is proof positive that I am a whack job. It is the link to my playlist thing. There's a bit of this and that. Nothing in a really coherent order. No disco on it yet. Little snippets of my heart and soul, fragments of my life and some flotsam and jetsam that just floated in. The other is that I am being followed (not stalkerish or scary at all) by Lisa. I am slowly figuring out all the doohickeys with blogger. Thanks Lisa!


Lisa said...

I started "following" all the blogs I read. When you do that blogger shows the most recent posts on your Dashboard, makes keeping up with new posts much quicker!

Tonia said...

It can be quite a job keeping up with everyone.

Jenn said...

How do you get British country living? I love the US version and have never seen the British one.

Tonia said...

We have a couple of bookstores in town that carry it. Unfortunately the small (tiny) independent store that I used to buy it from closed. I now have to get it at Borders or Barnes and Noble. Jack's mom bring copies over from England when they visit also. I am thinking of subscribing somehow. I truly think it is far superior to the US one. The recipes need to be converted and it can be frustrating to see things I'd like to buy but can't just pop down to the local and buy them. --tonia