Sunday, November 2, 2008

Contained Chaos

One of the reasons I bought my house was the garden shed in the backyard. It was built by the architect and his wife that previously owned the house. (He didn't build the house.) They would have the in-laws stay out in the shed when they came to visit. I have used it in a half- assed way as a studio/storage but really want to get my creative groove back so have been attempting a re-organizing blitz. "Trying" being the operative word. I am having a hard time finding the time and the energy to make much of a difference.
Somehow, someway my brother got the lone organizational gene floating around the DNA pool in my family. It is ironic to me that the times I have been most creative are the times when I had the least amount of space and materials. I now have more space then ever and a veritable craft supply store of my own to choose materials from: beads, paper clay, paints, paper, wood, glass, wax, fabric, wool, anyone?

You'd think I would be busy as the proverbial bee buzzing away contentedly. YOU WOULD BE WRONG. I can't entirely blame the mess in the studio. I am lacking a focus. I had originally intended on selling some craft items at the Christmas Craft sale that the lab where I work has each year. I have sold various things in the past, herb wreaths, cards, ornaments etc. with great success, I just am having a really hard time getting it together. I think once the election is over and Barack gets in (please, oh please!) I will be able to breathe a sigh of relief. I don't even want to think about the alternative. These photos were taken this summer and I have made some progress since then. I will try to post more soon.
Parasol hanging from the ceiling.Tarted up stool in the studio.


Lisa said...

I'm having the same problem, except it's not just one space, it's pretty much my whole house. For some reason it seems like our stuff is expanding and covering more and more territory and we haven't even been buying things!

I've made attempts in the past couple months, but if I don't finish up one spot completely, it goes back to the original mess. It's really frustrating.

PS Thanks for finding that cookbook. That is so, so nice of you. You can email me at for my mailing address.

Tonia said...

Ahhh, well yes it is my whole house too. I just find it particularly frustrating that my creative space is so chaotic that I can't really hide out there to ignore the mess in the house! No problem on the cookbook. I like to pass things on when I can. -tonia

farmlady said...

Looks just like my work space. It's called being "creative". Clear one workspace and make something, then you'll feel better.

....,I love the parasol on the ceiling.