Friday, May 29, 2009

Where does the time go?

Another week come and gone. GAH! I am really behind in my blog reading and commenting lately. When I get home from work I let the chickens out in the yard, make some tea and put on my clogging shoes and practice, practice, practice. It has been really lovely here in the Willamette Valley the last two weeks. I have a hard time wanting to be tied to the computer any more than I already am at work. I have about 20+ tomato plants in the ground along with lots of basil. The chickens have already found the ripe strawberries. I planted some russet potatoes and some beets and carrots. I want to get some more tomato plants and oh yeah, I have some cucumber plants and a spaghetti squash. Hopefully I'll get quite a few blueberries this year.
I think posting and probably reading other blogs is going to be sporadic for awhile. While I am here though have you all heard about I found some really clear helpful videos on clogging. I haven't looked at what all is there but it looks like a possible reference for just about anything.


Jenn said...

Clogging! How fun! What do you plan to do with all those tomatoes?

Tonia said...

I like to roast them with garlic and thyme and olive oil and then freeze them in muffin tins. Once they are frozen I store them in freezer bags to be taken out and used over pasta. I do that with pesto too. It works really great.

Jenn said...

I need some help. I am trying to add a link and picture of books I am reading. Do you know how to do that on blogger or have you seen it on another blog that uses blogger? I have seen it on typepad.

Monkey Girl said...

Just checking up haven't heard from you lately!!

Love the chicks!

Aly The Red-Bliss Monkey Studio said...

I'm ready for a chicklet update! :-)

Wow, I have six tomato plants this year, and so excited to try what YOUdo with them!!! yum!

Also, i know next to nothing about clogging and would love to see it done sometime. Tea, hens and clogging sounds like a fun pasttime.

you are dear.