Monday, May 11, 2009

100th post...finally!

What do you see in the picture? What could it be? This has nothing to do with anything in particular, I just thought it was kind of cool looking. It is hot coals in a blacksmith's forge.
Angelina at just saw Twilight. As I mentioned in a post last week I saw it recently as well. I downplayed how much I liked it and the books because I thought I was a total dork to get sucked (umm, that wasn't on purpose) into it. My friend Alysse of informed me she enjoyed the books as well. Yeah! I am not a dork (or if I am, I am in very good company!)
Onto a different topic...I called a local dance studio today about private dance lessons. I have been walking an hour a day for the last couple of weeks. There is a great walk near my house that is pretty much on a bike path the whole way. Some of it is along a canal. The ducklings are out in full force. I feel pretty good about the walking but it isn't enough. I am a closet dancer. (Not to be confused with a pole dancer...) I used to bellydance but I don't have much interest in it anymore. I'd like to learn the Charleston and the Lindy Hop and the Jitterbug. I am not the most graceful of creatures. Instead of jumping into a class with lots of other people at varying levels of skill I thought it might be best to get some confidence with a few private lessons first. This last month I have been at loose ends on Friday nights. I have been wanting to go dancing but lacking confidence and skills kept me home with Edward and Bella and Dr Who. Anyone else a closet dancer?


ZenCrafter said...

Congratulations on your 100th post! I loved the Twilight books and film and feel the same way as you do about admitting it--a little silly. But I'm having too much fun enjoying and discussing the books with my teenage daughter to let it worry me too much.

I'm trying to get back to hiking on a regular basis for my health, and being outside is great for the soul. I'd love to get back to doing a dance class; it's been a long time. I'd say just jump in and go for a class no matter where you are physically. If you love it, the joy will take over and get you through the inhibitions you have.

Angelina said...

ZenCrafter is probably right about just jumping in if you love dancing, but I would say that if you can afford to give yourself some private lessons first it would be such a wonderful gift to give yourself.

It's been a rough year for you and me both and I'm so happy to hear that you are doing good things for yourself like the walking. I am just about to go to the gym. I'm not a closet dancer, I'm a closet runner if you can effing believe that.

I'm so happy that so many other people share my enjoyment of the movie! A blog friend is going to send the books to me. I won't read them right away though. It helped me a lot getting spoilers from you Tonia!