Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday? Already? A partial update...

I was sitting in the garden last evening talking to the chickens. Buffy came running over to me and jumped up on my lap. She started grooming her feathers as I petted her and then she hunkered down for a little nap. All in all she was on my lap, with no restraint by me, for over 10 minutes. Chicken love is swell.
Last weekend I took an ArtClay class. (More on that in another post.) The class was held next door to a Square dance and Clogging hall. The Clogging classes were part of a weekend long conference. Anyway, I am taking my first ever Clogging class this evening! I am so excited! I had called about taking East Coast Swing classes and I still might, but it took the instructor over a week to return my calls and email. I wasn't impressed with the customer service and general attitude. Clogging makes so much more sense to me anyway. I like the music already, it is generally not a partner dance and it is really aerobic AND you get to make noise! During the classes on Saturday the dancers danced to rock, folk and even a slightly jazzy sounding song. SWEET!

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Jenn said...

Hello, Yes I am still reading blogs. But decided I was not going to torture myself about posting one. I'm not giving up blogging just trying to decide exactly what I want out of it and what do I want to focus on in it.

Your chickens are so cute! I wish I could have some but we're not ready just yet. Lots of other things we need to acomplish first. Like siding and a new roof.