Monday, January 5, 2009

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

I took another bookmaking class this last weekend. This time we used pasta boxes and tea boxes as the covers and then made simple pamphlet stitched booklets to go inside. It was a lot of fun. Below in no particular order are some photos of the two I made.This is a side view of the pasta box book. It has two pamphlets and an envelope inside.
Inside I lined it with an old map from a funky atlas I got for 50cents at a yard sale. The first pamphlet is covered with a red piece of arty wrapping paper with an image cut from another piece of wrapping paper.
The side flap is from a different brand of pasta. It was a spaghetti box. I liked the image of the woman on it. I just realized you can't really see the woman in this picture. The image below of the ship is from a postcard that was glued behind the window of the box.
This is the cover with another postcard image glued behind the pasta box window.
This is the Welsh tea box. The insides were lined with old wallpaper from an estate sale. The flaps were covered with new paper made from recycled paper. The pamphlet is covered with paper made in another class. It is a brown paper grocery bag that was stamped colored with crayon, watercolored and then waxed.
The covers were made from a tea box that I saved from a trip to Wales.


Cindy said...

Very cute! They would make great photo albums.

Aly The Red-Bliss Monkey Studio said...

Hi! I wanted to tell you my regular email has been down for five days! Just in case you've tried to email me recently.

I'd love to have a lunch date with YOU!

Love your post about bookbinding. So cool.

The eggs! Yes, and my girl STAR lays huge eggs! Sometimes double yolkers. she's a super layer, 1/2 leghorn hen. Kisses to Betsy the super babe.

Lisa said...

I think those books are super cool.