Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Really, really random pictures...

These boots were made for walkin'...
Gratuitous chicken pic. She is a prolific layer. So far she has taken only 2 days off since the 31st. Of course, two of her eggs=one "regular" sized egg.
Some bark cloth that I bought awhile back. It is a long curtain panel.
I will be friends with you, sewing machine, or die trying. I guess really right now it is bias tape that I want to be my friend.
A Christmas gift. A felting kit by Gillian Harris. I read about her in the British Country Living and when asked what I would like from England for Christmas the kit was my answer. The book is autographed...whooo. Here is a link to her site gilliangladrag.co.uk.
Some fat quarters to be used for potholders.
Bulletin board full of clippings, inspiration and junk.

A large mushroom that I made out of Paperclay.


Cindy said...

Is that really your chicken?? I am so jealous. As soon as we finish some work on our house, I want my husband to build me a chicken coop--maybe for my birthday?

Love those boots.

Tonia said...

Yep, that is Betsy McGoo. Chickens are great. They have so much personality! A chicken coop sounds like an excellent birthday present.

Angelina said...

I LOVE those boots!

Your girl is so industrious- I'm very impressed with her work ethic. Would you tell her I said so?