Thursday, January 1, 2009

Caramelized squash pizza..

In the interest of full disclosure my planned meal for last night did not go as planned. Due to some unforeseen factors I was unable to complete it last night. If you've forgotten what was on the menu there was a green salad with honeyed pecans and dried cranberries, with a light honey mustard dressing. The star of the meal was to be the aforementioned carmelized squash and onion pizza. I got the recipe here . I bought some locally made pizza dough as the recipe calls for pre-made pizza rounds and I didn't want to go that route. I was ready to make my own dough but after a couple of false starts with yeast that was too old I just wanted to get the bloody pizza made. I am very glad I perservered.
The salad was good and the pizza was really, really amazing. I "heart" carmelized squash and onions. I had a hard apple cider from Fish Brewery up in Washington. Very nice with the feta cheese, squash and the cranberries in the salad I think. I liked the cider quite a bit. It was the first time I tried that brewery's cider. Not too dry, not too sweet. Just right. Wow what a great meal. If I had made my own dough and had a local brew it would have been a bit more in keeping with my eat local aspirations-except for the cheese. It always comes down to the cheese, doesn't it? Oh yeah and the pecans and dried cranberries. Though cranberries are grown in Bandon, Oregon. I have no idea where the ones I bought came from. Now for some more organizing.

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