Thursday, August 28, 2008

some random pictures

I think the crow picture was taken in Carmel, California a few years ago. The next one was taken in Snowdonia National Park in Wales and the birds are sitting on part of Stonehenge. I love the crow picture. I have long thought my totem animals would be crow, rabbit, chicken and shrew. Any member of the Corvidae family is interesting I think. Jays are in this family and there is a family of Jays in my backyard. They are a colorful, raucous group. My hanging baskets provide nesting material for them earlier in the year. They love to rip into the coconut fibers that line the baskets and zoom to the nest and back again for more. Nearby is an oak tree in a field that serves as a rookery for the neighborhood crows. In the evening their harsh caws fill the air. I imagine they are getting caught up in all of the day's news and gossip.

1 comment:

Angelina said...

I really like the top picture a lot.

I don't like it when crows steal my garden seeds but I do really like them, the noise they make, they way they walk as though they're all old men.